Our Vision, Mission and Values

burswood city Building

Our Vision

The Golden Group vision is to responsibly create opportunities for our community to live, grow and prosper.

Golden group vision, mission and values

Our Mission

We understand that Golden Group’s success is linked to the success of our partners and the people in our communities.

Golden Group’s mission is to support our partners and communities by:

  • Investing in the local economy, creating jobs and improving access to housing;
  • Building innovative and sustainable developments; 
  • Conducting genuine consultation and partnering with government and community;
  • Ensuring our developments are desirable places to live and work; and
  • Supporting charitable organisations and community groups
Golden group vision, mission and values

Our Values

  • Accountable - We are open, transparent and accountable to our customers, our community, our investors and our team
  • Trust - We have earnt trust by always delivering on our commitments
  • Partnership - We enter into genuine, respectful partnerships with experienced individuals, companies and communities to deliver our projects,   support our team and meet our project goals
  • Charitable – We partner with community organisations that align with our values, and which give back to the community through programs, grants and equipment. 
  • Respect -   We behave in a professional manner and treat our investors, partners, communities and team with respect
  • Excellence – We deliver exceptional, quality outcomes for our customers, our investors, our communities and our team